1. captured. #mollyscarlet #danthecat #theadventuresofmollyscarletanddanthecat

  2. morningtime artwork. ☀️🎨

  3. this little girl’s up waaaaaaay past her bedtime. we just can’t resist sometimes. #pushover #nightowl #mollyscarlet

  4. …….and for that globe i’ve been trying to hunt down for months.

  5. thanks for the vintage dolly pops, goodwill! absolute steal for $1.99.

  6. set for summer. or at least part of it. 💛😋☀️😎

  7. they walked through the parking lot from inside at our table like this. no joke! 💙💛

  8. coffee grounds pit stop.

  9. i might have a problem if these are the kind of drawings my kids make for me…….
    illustrated by julian.
    i ❤️ ☕️

  10. playground princess.

  11. lefty & righty

  12. summer is upon us. right, dan? #danthecat

  13. summer swingin’ on the porch this morning.

  14. iced coffee. ❄️☕️

  15. peanut butter chocolate chip banana bread. wasting no time not wasting any time on my summer vacation this morning…….🍌🍫🍞